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The Best Kept Secret in Manufactured Housing in Florida

February 5, 2017

Florida's not just beautiful beaches, endless sunshine it also has some of the highest property taxes on site built homes? Lucky for manufactured home owners though, they benefit greatly with a large exemption during tax season.

Get the scoop from a recent article by FMHA. Here are a few excerpts.


"Property Taxes

“The biggest advantage to owning a manufactured home during tax season is that property taxes are lower than what you would find for a site-built home,” said Jim Ayotte, executive director of FMHA.

According to, the median property tax in Florida for 2015 is $1,773 per year for a home worth the median value of $182,400. With most manufactured homes costing approximately $30,000 - $70,000, property tax is significantly lower than site built homes.

Take a look at the compared yearly property tax in FMHA’s neck of the woods for 2015.



Appraised Property Value

Yearly Property Tax Estimate










Not ready to own your own place? Many communities provide great savings for their residents who lease, and replace property taxes with a lot rent charge. In some cases, this charge can be lower than property tax...

The low cost of manufactured housing, lower property taxes, and homestead exemption create a great deal for homeowners near filing time. Make the move and keep more money in your pocket. Enlist one of our builders to create your new home today, or find a community with the best deal for you."


To view the full article click here to leave our page and visit the FMHA's website.

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