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Top 10 Reasons Why People Love Their Manufactured Homes!

February 24, 2021

An article was recently published on MH Village's website entitled the "Top 10 Reasons Why People Love Their Manufactured Homes." While we at ARC Investments think they're are many more than 10 reasons we'd like to share our favorites with you!

1. "Mobile homes are significantly less expensive than stick-built homes."

 The average price of a stick-built house is nearly $300,000 and is rising every year! Manufactured housing is more cost-effective helping you keep money in your pocket.


3. "You can customize it."

 Unlike apartments or rental homes that do not allow you to customize your living space buying  a New Manufactured Home allows you to make your home the home of your dreams when you customize it. Get that dream kitchen, or walk in shower that's as big as a closet with multiple shower heads. The possibilities are endless when you customize your home. 

Our Sales and Community Managers in our communities can point you in the right direction to customize  the home of your dreams at one of our communities. Call us today. 


8. "Mobile homes provide more privacy."

If you rent an apartment, or a share a room many times you end up noisy neighbors and you can hear everything they're doing or they can hear everything you're doing. Manufactured homes do not have any shared walls so you'll have more privacy, and quiet time.


Above are just a few of our favorites. To read the full article, click here to be directed to MH Village's article.

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