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The Top 7 States for Manufactured Home Community Living

April 26, 2023

MH Village recently posted an article about the top 7 States for Manufactured Home Community Living. ARC Investments is proud to manage communities in 3 of those states. 

Below is what MH Village had to say about the first state: 


"Florida’s manufactured home communities are a part of one of the largest markets for communities in the country. With over five thousand mobile home parks for Floridians on MHVillage to choose from, it’s no wonder why families and retirees alike flock to Florida. 

With year-round warm weather, parks brimming with resort-style amenities such as pools and walking trails, and top-of-the-line manufactured homes, Florida is a state that anyone should consider when it comes to finding the perfect manufactured home community. 

In fact, recently a reality TV and social media star chronicled her experience living in a Florida community!"


"On the other side of the country, manufactured home communities in California are also in abundance. Across the Golden State, you’ll find thousands of communities that list on MHVillage that are teeming with quality manufactured homes and desirable amenities. Not to mention that California is another popular state due to its year-round warm weather and proximity to tourist attractions and beautiful natural scenery and beaches."


"If you’re looking for a manufactured home community in Michigan, you really can’t go wrong. Michigan is yet another state with over a thousand communities to choose from on MHVillage, all over the state. And, because Michigan is such a popular state for manufactured home builders and other professionals, that makes the Wolverine State a prime location for homes, communities, and amenities. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Michigan has some of the most beautiful state and national parks out there, with many right next to communities across the state. And of course, we can’t forget about the Great Lakes, four of which directly border Michigan, meaning you have unrivaled access to beaches and resorts no matter where in the state you are."

To view the full article click here to visit MH Villages website.

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