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Manufactured Homes Myth vs. Fact

December 1, 2016

Did you know that one of every five new homes sold in Florida is a factory-built home? Factory-built homes offer the best in affordability, livability and quality. If you've never lived in a manufactured home you may have heard some myths and misconceptions, but we hope that this article by FMHA will help set the record straight so you can move into one of our communities today.

Myth vs. Fact

MYTH: Factory-built homes are not well-made.

FACT: All manufactured and modular homes are built to standards and codes that require the highest standards in every aspect of construction. Manufactured homes must pass a rigorous inspection process during construction by third-party inspectors, unlike site-built homes. Modular homes are built to the same codes and standards as site-built homes, but in a controlled, efficient environment with highly skilled construction teams.

MYTH: Factory-built homes are not safe.

FACT: Factory-built homes in Florida are designed and built to withstand even hurricane-force winds. And one of the largest insurers of factory-built homes in America has concluded that the chance of fire in a site-built home is twice that of today’s factory-built home. Thanks to stringent building codes, safety inspections standards, and Florida’s comprehensive installation requirements, a Florida factory-built home may be the safest home you can buy.

MYTH: Factory-built homes are difficult to finance and insure.

FACT: Buyers of today’s factory-built homes may choose from a wide array of financing options. Financing a factory-built home is no more difficult than any other home. Retailers are knowledgeable about home financing and may provide you a list of lending institutions – large national lenders as well as local companies – that can assist you obtain financing for your home. Of course, you are free to shop independently for your financing as well.

Personal property financing (home only) is readily available. Conventional, VA, FHA and other financing programs, with terms up to 30 years, are available when a home is financed as real property. Should you choose to acquire land in conjunction with the home, you can finance the home and land together. Lenders are active in financing factory-built homes because studies prove that these homes appreciate in value just like any other comparable homes. Likewise, insuring your home is easy and readily available from a host of recognized insurance companies.

MYTH: Factory-built homes are not attractive and don’t fit in with most neighborhoods.

FACT: See for yourself the appeal and comfort you expect in a high-quality home. There’s a spacious, stylish and beautiful factory-built home for every taste, lifestyle and budget. Whatever you want in your new home, you can have it in a factory-built home.


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