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June 2, 2022

WhimzeyLand is and has been a work in progress for over 20 years. It is a local landmark for those who live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area and who like to seek out unusual places. We have a ton of different materials decorating our house: plexiglas sculptures, paintings, bottle trees, recycled material sculptures, and, of course, bowling balls. We often visit unusual places ourselves, so we started by painting the house really bright. Then, the ball really got rolling when we went to a flea market and came home with tons of free bowling balls. Since then, the house has slowly evolved into WhimzeyLand! You can now take a 90-minute guided tour of Whimzeyland, Safety Harbor Art and Music Center and some other places that you didn't know were a component of Whimzeyland!!

1206 3rd St N, Safety Harbor, FL 34695


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